at Other Hats, Icelandic Printmaking, International Print Center New York


at Hospitality, Studio Breed, Amsterdam


at BoekieWoekie Amsterdam


painted on jigsaw puzzle,
at Gallerý Klúka,Bjarnafjörður, Iceland, Summer 2016



Changing Still Lives
Pictures from the exhibition at Galerie van Gelder in February/March 2012, Amsterdam


Prints exhibited at Boekie Woekie in 2010, Amsterdam


Growing Sculpture
Exhibited in Kjarvalstadir, Reykjavík "Women in the art in the 80's", Municepal Museum of Reykjavík, autum 2010
Courtesy of the Living Art Museum Reykjavík.


Painting on Landcape - Landcape Painting
Lethimaki in Finland, 1982


Exhibition in BoekieWoekie, Paper Flowers preview